Staff of the LPR Interior Ministry have detained over 35 officials suspected of corruption in one year, the LPR Interior Minister Igor Kornet said at a press conference in Lugansk today.


“More than 35 officials have been detained on suspicion of corruption in one year. The total cost of damage caused to the republic by corrupt activities is estimated at tens of millions of roubles. We continue to fight corruption. This month, you’ve all seen that an active phase began. Many high-ranking officials have been detained,” – Igor Kornet said.


Earlier, the LPR authorities said that the Lugansk People’s Republic had launched a large-scale campaign aimed at fighting corruption. On October 24, the LPR head Igor Plotnitsky expanded the composition and powers of the Special Investigative Committee of the LPR People’s Council, which had been set up to investigate cases of corruption. Now, deputies will work together with representatives of the LPR executive bodies and law enforcement agencies. Besides, the LPR public movement “Peace to Lugansk” and Trade Unions also intend to help to fight corruption.