Le Pen vows to recognize Crimea

  Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front (FN) and presidential candidate from France’s national-conservative political party has every chance to become the new head of the Fifth Republic. This worries many member states

Ukraine announces new firing exercises near Crimea

  Ukraine will hold rocket fire near Crimea when it deems it necessary, said Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak.     They will be regular as much as we need to hold them along with other exercises”, he

Kissinger urging Trump to accept Crimea as part of Russia

  Reports suggest that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has sought to advise President-elect Donald Trump on a rapprochement between the United States and Russia, and that a key aspect of that is encouraging

Putin launches gas supply to Crimea from mainland Russia

  The launch of the pipeline will ensure an uninterrupted supply of gas to all categories of consumers of the Crimea through the pipeline’s integration into the peninsula’s existing gas transportation system.   Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier Tuesday that Putin

Crimean authorities plan to enhance cooperation with Turkey

  Authorities in Russia’s Crimea plan to strengthen ties with Turkey after its delegation visited the Black Sea peninsula last month, a member of Crimea’s international relations committee said Tuesday.     “The latest Turkish visit to Crimea showed that our

Crimean head says no threats to republic from Ukraine

  There are no threats to Crimea from Ukraine, as all security measures are being taken to the full extent, the head of the Crimean Republic Sergey Aksyonov has told the media following a question

Crimea to step up engagement with China

  Crimean authorities are set to enhance business, administrative and cultural cooperation with China, the region’s envoy to the Russian president told Sputnik.   “China is a country with a huge economic and human potential. We plan to work closely

Rights of people living in Crimea violated by Ukraine and West

  Kiev’s destructive policy and the West’s unilateral sanctions violate the rights of people living in Russia’s Crimea, Natalia Zolotova, an adviser to Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations Geneva office and other Geneva-based

What made Kiev relocate and scrap its bombastic drills near Crimea

  Moscow had been protesting against Kiev’s intention to hold the drills on December 1-2 because the uncoordinated launches would extend into Russia’s airspace and could endanger civil flights, thus breaching international law.     The Russian Defense Ministry

Ukraine moves missile launches away from Russian airspace

  Ukraine has moved the high-risk zones of missile launches westwards, a spokesman for the Russian civil aviation authority Rosaviatsiya has told the media.     According to the official, Ukraine last night issued a

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