Ukrainian military shells Zaitsevo village near Gorlovka

  A house was damaged in shelling from positions of the Ukrainian military on Saturday evening, the local official Ivan Prikhodko said on Sunday.   “On Saturday evening, the Ukrainian military shelled Zaitsevo – north

Antifascist Resistance in Kherson

  In Kherson, activists began to mark houses where live participants of the punitive «ATO», with Ukrainian flags and a swastika. This was written on his page on the social network by the former MP

Obserwator Polityczny: Ukraine slapped Poland in the face

  The Polish edition Obserwator Polityczny («Political observer») reacted very sharply to the SBU’s recent ban on visiting Ukraine to the head of the Przemysl local council, who tried to come to Lvov.     

Ukrainian president urges US to confront Russian aggression

  Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko urged the international community to oppose Russian cyber aggression while encouraging the U.S. to lead on issues of global security, Reuters reported on Wednesday.     Poroshenko reportedly said that

Action in Berlin in support of residents of DPR and LPR

  Within the framework of the XXII International Rosa Luxemburg Conference in Berlin, took place an action in support of the residents of Donbass «# 1000 days in spite». This was reported by the LPR

Frankfurter Rundschau: Donald Trump makes Kiev tremble

  The Ukrainian authorities headed by the President Poroshenko await with horror the inauguration of the US President-elect Donald Trump, fearing to finally lose the support of Washington, writes Frankfurter Rundschau.     Ukraine fears

Austria as OSCE chair to strengthen monitor mission in Ukraine

  In its capacity of the OSCE chair Austria is going to improve the personnel and technical component of the Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, Austria’s foreign minister, current OSCE chairman-in-office, Sebastian Kurz told a

Ukrainian soldiers murdered DPR’s POW

  “Today, the Ukrainian side handed over the body of a DPR soldier Savyan Alexander, who heroically died after refusing to give false testimony, from abuse and torture from AFU’s 92th separate motorized rifle brigade criminals.

Rada’s MP unveils Biden’s family interests in Ukraine

  Businessman, who fled from prosecution, said that during a meeting with representatives of the US Department of Justice he was asked specifically about Biden’s ties with Ukraine. In particular, US officials were interested in the relationship

Ukraine and the US: the Devious Plans of Two P’s

  Ukraine is currently in limbo: it has lost the guidance of its American mentors (due to Hillary Clinton’s failure in the US presidential elections), Europe is busy with its own problems, and the past

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