Italian politician: Whole world wants Putin-Trump dialogue

  “Whole world’s dream” is the dialogue restoring and normalisation of relations between the USA and Russia, says head of the Italian opposition party “Five Star Movement” Beppe Grillo. He also noted that “the foreign policy needs such

De Mistura highly values importance of Syrian talks in Astana

  The United Nations is asking Russia, Turkey and Iran to devise a mechanism to implement and oversee the latest ceasefire agreement in war-torn Syria, UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura said Monday.     “All stakeholders should

Canada: Anti-Trump protesters burn US flag

    About 200 people in Montreal, Canada took part in the protest on the Donald Trump’s inauguration day. Near the building of the US consulate they set on fire the US state flag.   “Not only

Pope Francis calls on European states to assimilate migrants

  The supreme pontiff said that Europeans’ negligence has led to emergence of ghettos all around the EU.     “The process of integration should be started … when the integration does not happen, ghettos arise. That is nobody’s

Astana is getting ready for Syrian talks

  Kazakhstan’s role will be limited to hosting the meeting. This means that Russia, Iran and Turkey will play the main role in solving the regional crisis. Erdogan reiterates partnership with Moscow. Only Syrian opposition

First in 2017 humanitarian convoy to Donbass due in January

  First humanitarian convoy to Donbass in the current year is due in January, Russia’s Minister of Emergencies Vladimir Puchkov told TASS on Sunday.   “Soon, this month already,” he said. “All organizations issues are

Marine Le Pen threatens to take France out of ‘dead’ EU

  The European Union is a failed project and if Brussels wants France to stay it need to give Paris a series of concessions, Front National leader Marine Le Pen told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.  

Ukrainian military shells Zaitsevo village near Gorlovka

  A house was damaged in shelling from positions of the Ukrainian military on Saturday evening, the local official Ivan Prikhodko said on Sunday.   “On Saturday evening, the Ukrainian military shelled Zaitsevo – north

Trump criticizes ‘dishonest media’ in CIA speech

  President Donald Trump started and finished a speech he gave at the CIA headquarters Saturday afternoon by criticizing the “dishonest media.” Several of the things he said were inaccurate.   Some members of the

Lebanon’s security forces prevent terrorist attack in Beirut

  The bomber, whose identity has not been disclosed, was taken alive in the center of the city and later admitted to the hospital.   “A suicide bomber, wearing a belt rigged with explosives, was detained and neutralized in one

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