When the ready-room alarm went off—high-low, high-low—two Norwegian Air Force pilots pulled on cold-water survival gear, grabbed their flight bags, and sprinted through swirling snow to their hangars. Their decades-old F-16 fighter jets roared

  Policymakers in the European Union have been concerned with US President Donald Trump’s comments on European affairs, particularly with regard to NATO, but they should instead focus on building a “more solid foundation” for

  Even before Donald Trump got inaugurated, his position on the US foreign policy was attracting widespread attention since it has much bearing on other countries. Judging by the amount of attention paid by various

  When the US election results were announced in November 8, representatives of Serbia’s NGO elite were in attendance at Belgrade’s Crown Plaza Hotel, where the US Embassy had organized a get-together.     In a straw poll conducted

  In December, Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk wrote an explosive op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, laying out how Ukraine can end its conflict with Russia. Pinchuk’s plan is simple: Kiev must close the book

  Syria’s capital city Damascus continues to suffer without water. The water which fed four million people, was cut off by insurgents who have occupied the aquifer in Wadi Barada since late December. The insurgents,

  Barack Obama has ended his presidential career doing what he does best: dropping bombs. This time, Obama decided to target an ISIS camp in Libya, with initial estimates suggesting over 80 militants (or 80 people, depending

  After being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, Donald Trump delivered a 16-minute speech in which he promised to transfer power from Washington, D.C. to the American people

    January 20, 2017 Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the United States on Friday, Watch the inauguration ceremony as President-elect Donald J. Trump takes the Oath of Office and becomes the

  One of the most commonly heard buzzwords heard around Washington is «American leadership». America must lead, we are told, or nothing good can happen. No matter what the issue or relevant locale, no matter

  This week, all eyes are on the US as the country prepares to inaugurate its 45th president. But another important inauguration is also taking place in Bulgaria, where President-elect Rumen Radev is expected to

  Written by Stojan Savić   The power of choice and the imposition of adequate reagents are of fundamental significance with regard to the outcome of political conflicts. These topics are at the center of

  According to Sverker Oredsson, a professor of history at Lund University, the West in general and Sweden in particular should have a more realistic relationship with Russia. This should be determined by diplomats rather than army hawks, which would reduce unnecessary alarmism.

  In 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed with the principal intention of countering the Soviet Union. This all begs the question: Why is a  NATO member conducting joint military strikes with Russia

  Further asked whether CodePink will attempt to disrupt the inauguration, a tactic for which her organization has become infamous, Gold replied:   “We always create beautiful disruptions of hatred and violence. And that is

  Middle East specialist Taimur Dvidar said the upcoming meeting in Astana on the Syrian crisis would be a turning point. The Syrian opposition changed its rhetoric that now concedes a partnership with the Russian

  Despite great effort recently put into bolstering the credibility of the “American intelligence community” in the wake of their assessment regarding alleged “Russian hacking,” it should be remembered that this same “community” intentionally and

  It’s official: after months of speculation that the Feds and other US intelligence agencies are probing whether Trump has any connections to the Kremlin, financial or otherwise, this afternoon McClatchy confirmed that indeed, the